Viona Dixon

Viona Dixon – Regional Director Canada

“Treat others how you want to be treated” 

When I started working at Four Seasons back in India, this was introduced to me as a mission and what the hotel believed in, I carried it with me from then onwards. I treated my Guests by understating their needs, their circumstances, I would listen to their happy ending stories or sometimes a heart-breaking one. But in all that chaos, I managed to make them my friends. At that point I realised that you need to have a relationship to help someone out, all you need is to show them some love, hear out their issues, and try understanding their needs. 

 I am thrilled to share that I am joining the Eyes open international team as a regional Director of Canada. I am honored to lead EOI at an inflection point that will not only be defined by growth, expansion, diversification and innovation. I am eager to partner with others to define the future victims transformed into survivors. As our mission at EOI states “I intend to work sincerely and committed towards communities around the world so that they may forge their path forward with their eyes open. I have completed a three-year degree  in Hospitality science from Sophia College which is now affiliated with Mumbai University and a two-year certification programme from Fanshawe college, Ontario Canada has given me a wider picture of what the world needs at this moment.

In my spare time, I love to paint, read about our real heroes & women who are trying to empower themselves through social media. I have also been a district hockey player & basketball, which makes me a caged person for loving sports.

I would like to thank Mr. Harold D’Souza, Co-founder and President of Eyes Open International who has played an important role in my current phase of life by giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. I can’t wait to get started & interact with all my colleagues. Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers.