Survivors of Human Trafficking

What leads to Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is a form of organized crime that exploits human vulnerability irrespective of socio-economic-emotional status. Any person can be deceived, manipulated or forced into a situation of exploitation and slavery. The different types are forced labor, sex trafficking into prostitution or pornography, forced marriage, trafficking for organ trade, recruitment of children into armed groups or any time of service, forced beggary, drug peddling or smuggling, and other forms of exploitation. 

The situations that can lead to trafficking include poverty due to natural disasters, families with many dependent members, desperation for employment to support a family or for emotional security, and escapism from domestic abuse. A regular person desiring to improve his life can be deceived and dragged into the evil of modern-day slavery without his knowledge that he is becoming a victim. Similarly, families in high-conflict areas have an increased risk of becoming victims. 


Harold D’Souza – Cincinnati, OH

Harold was a victim of human trafficking for 133 months. Today, Harold is a Survivor-Advocate and Public Speaker. His experience has given him a new purpose and meaning in life. His favorite quotes are “I am a poor starter but a strong finisher” and “Don’t worry, be happy”