Punam M Bhatia

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who leaves a bit of sparkle everywhere she goes! 
Punam M Bhatia, a true precedent of this, bursts with compassion and courage, always striving to help those in need. They say teaching is a noble profession as it shapes the character and caliber of future generations. But can you truly inspire others without going through the test of time yourself? A survivor of acute trauma, a car accident that changed her life at a very young age, it has taken her many years and a few successful operations to feel the wounds healing. It was during this period that she realized her own strength and learned to cherish her scars. 

Throughout the years when she was a dependent, she always felt a driving force, a fire in her heart that motivated her to make her dreams come true. A teacher for over a decade, a qualified Children’s Holistic coach, a Yoga instructor – RYT-300, a Certified Yogic Counselor, a Meditation and Pranic Healing Practioner and recently playing the keyboard and Singing her favorite retro songs are a few of her passions. Her achievements are endless. She believes yoga, has helped her immensely. Her confidence, flexibility, and fearlessness have grown both on and off the mat. Currently, as a yoga instructor, she is busy helping others deal with their stressful lives. She feels alive when surrounded by positivity and enjoys a busy and productive day when she knows she has made a difference to at least one person in the world. 

“Work for a cause, and not for applause” is her motto, and works towards it every day.  

Facing all the hardships of life, Punam has always drawn strength from her loving family. The love and support of her loving husband and children have been her greatest strength and source of energy.