Praveen Agrawal

Executive Head – Ontario, Canada

Praveen Agrawal is a certified professional with extensive experience in the financial world. He is a Gold Medalist-MBA Finance graduate from BK School of Business Management in India. After his post-graduation, He started his career with STATE BANK OF INDIA, which is one of the largest banks in India. Within a short span, he was promoted to middle management in Bank, He was involved in various projects and initiatives in Bank.

During his professional tenure, he realized there are a significant number of people in rural areas especially vulnerable or marginalized populations, who are excluded from mainstream financial channels face discrimination and are exploited for lack of knowledge and support. During his assignments, he was instrumental in implementing financial inclusion initiatives and promoting digital banking in rural areas. He worked in close coordination with Gram Sarpanch, Govt. Departments and Asha woman workers for the upliftment of farmers and women in the area. He brought these families into the mainstream financial channels by helping them in getting loans for farming and other business ventures by coordinating with local government departments. He promoted saving habits amongst villagers by introducing them to the concept of the systematic investment plan and group savings. He was actively involved in organizing informational and educational workshops for women, youth, and farmers.

Throughout his career, helping others has been an integral part of who he is. He chose a career in the financial world because he believed he could make a difference in the lives of families. Harold got acquainted with him during his tenure with SBI. He was certainly impressed by his personality and his vision to help and bolster the people around him. Praveen decided to elevate his career and shifted to Canada in 2018. He currently works in the financial industry in Canada.

He is an active member of the community in Canada and participates in various initiatives to help and support families. In his spare time, he loves reading self contemplating books. He lives a simple and active lifestyle. He firmly believes in the quote “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”-by Lily Tomlin,

He was actively in touch with Harold and was always a propagator of his philosophies and initiatives. He decided to join Eyes open international as “Executive Head of Ontario- Canada” and is fully committed to supporting the community in combating human trafficking through empowerment.