Neelam Sharma

Hello All. My name is Neelam Sharma, and I am a homemaker. I am a postgraduate and have a son and daughter. I lost my husband in an accident in 1996 and have raised my kids all by myself, along with constant support from my family. My in-laws didn’t support my kids or me after my husband left us, and I had no choice but to fight this battle of survival for the sake of my children all by myself. It was a challenging journey that didn’t seem possible back then, but today at this point of my life, I feel we managed to sail through it and are in much better shape than when we started.

Currently, I am a member of EOI, -a non-profit organization which not only raises its voice against human trafficking but also supports the victims. I was introduced to this organization through Mr.Harold D’Souza, co-founder and President of Eyes Open International. He strives to be the voice of courage, hope, and freedom for trafficking victims. I am so proud to be associated with this organization and pray for its success worldwide, and may this become a globally renowned organization in avoiding any kind of trafficking.