Mr. Larry Harte

Larry Harte graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Civil Engineering.  Before entering the world of politics, he worked for companies ranging from engineering to sales, marketing, and banking.

After being elected to the Glendale, CO, city council in 2002, Larry was mayor for eight years until he was term-limited and returned to the private sector.  He continued to work in the community as the CEO of the chamber of commerce and led economic development efforts for the city.  Noteworthy projects included new land use and redevelopment, decommissioning a wastewater treatment plant, integrating fire departments, creating a city center, and building a rugby stadium.  These experiences helped place him into various consulting roles – most recently as the COO of a construction company.  He is well known for his collaborative leadership style and results-oriented approach to solving problems.  

There are few people with Larry’s experience in government, non-profit management, and for-profit business.  This collective experience, combined with his passion for building relationships and helping companies thrive, fuels his interest in global business.

Larry served on the Boards of the Denver Metro Mayors Caucus, YMCA, Livewell Colorado, the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon, the Four Mile Historical Park, and the Better Business Bureau.  He is on the Symmes Township Finance Committee and is an advisor for the  US Global Leadership Coalition.

Among his interests are architecture, music, health, soccer, and bike riding.  Larry and his wife Heather met in seventh grade. They have two children, both in high school.