Ivan A. Fernandes

While we boast of living in a technologically advanced 21st century, it is a shame that we are still unable to guarantee the basic human rights where desperate humans looking for greener pastures are lured into becoming slaves under the ambiguous gambit for providing them a dream job.  Obviously, the poverty in several countries, followed by war and natural disasters, just pushes those effected to migrate to other safer places and are easily lured by these deceitful agents in the guise of promising lucrative jobs.  What more, this menace is taking place in some of the most advanced countries who have the all the means to curtail it, but sadly, not enough is done in this regard. This menace needs to be exposed and stopped immediately and all channels, whether from the private or government must work hand in hand until this is resolved just like any other contagious disease or even the drug mafia.  Who better than Harold and Dancy, who themselves are victims of labor trafficking when they tried to migrate to pursue their dreams and now have dared to take the lead to fight against this evil head on.  I am humbled to be part and support this great initiative to eradicate this menace from the face of this earth.  I wish Eyes Open International all the best in all their initiatives and hope they will receive the necessary support from all corners of the world.