Hriday Raval

Hriday Raval – Entrepreneur, Primary Developer, Public Speaker, Author, Volunteer, Good Samaritan

Hriday is the Director of DATA DEFTECH (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, recruiting and inserting the futuristic encryption into everything possible to secure personal data-in. To do this, collaboration with AuNR Systems LLC enables him to have licensing rights (for India) of this suite of strategic APEX technologies that are only available to the most advanced militaries in the world, the most respected banking systems, and the largest enterprises who cannot afford to get compromised from cyber attacks.

Hriday is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Bharat Media LLC, where he comprehensively offers professionally produced, credible news as well as high quality entertainment and music from and about India and South Asia close to 50,000 Indian American families via his online radio station, “Bharat FM”. Hriday and his team in less than 2 months succeeded in bringing prominent Bollywood stars, scientists, authors and journalists to their shows on Bharat FM.

Hriday Raval is also a youngest author and a technical committee member at Digital Forensics (4n6) Journal – India’s 1st Forensics Science Journal, and have published several articles in the same domain under his name. Currently, he is writing a book on Digital Forensics and gives lectures to law enforcement personnels, masters and PHD students on Digital Forensics.

During Hon. Harold D’Souza’s visit to India in 2019, Hriday organised various seminars and news interviews for him and had hosted him at his house for a week. Hriday and his family has been helpful to their community since ages and seeing to it Mr. D’Souza appointed Hriday Raval as Regional Director – India for his non profit Eyes Open International (EOI). As soon as joining EOI, Hriday achieved to gather 1000 followers on EOI’s Facebook page in less than 2 months, shared Mr. D’Souza’s story and their organization’s work with prominent news channels and other media agencies where his efforts got recognised and have got couple of offers from Indian Film Federation and is been in talks for finalising a movie on Harold D’Souza. Also, Hriday with the help of EOI sponsored a girl at Claudine Niwas, Gujarat where the girls are picked from railway stations and bus stands who are potential victim of sex trafficking and had also represented EOI at many platforms.

Originally from India, Hriday has pursued Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology and Masters of Science in Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism(HSAT) where the HSAT was the only kind of course in entire Asia and he was the topper of this first batch. During his Masters he had done internships and training in Physical Security(Airport Security, Port Security, and other) domain and in Business Intelligence department which led to his first job posting at Deutsche Bank as a Corporate Security Manager where his immediate boss was an Ex-Navy officer. Hriday would considerably be the first ever who has been offered such a responsible job whose minimum requirement was 5 years of experience in Physical Security or an army background at young age of 21 years where this was his first job. Additionally, he had pursued a specialised Cyber Security course from Tel Aviv, Israel and has achieved more than 45+ licenses and certifications.

Hriday has played cricket at state level, chess, snooker and volleyball at city level and has done various adventurous sports. In his free time he plays snooker and rides horses.