Hriday Raval

Hriday Raval is an accomplished professional with a diverse range of skills and experiences. He is dedicated to positively impacting society through his work with Eyes Open International (EOI), a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking. As Regional Director – India, Hriday has represented the organization on many platforms. Hriday has also sponsored a girl at Claudine Niwas, Gujarat, where potential sex trafficking victims are picked up from railway stations and bus stands.

In addition to his work with EOI, Hriday is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Bharat Media LLC. Through this multimedia production and broadcasting company, he has been instrumental in providing professionally produced, credible news, high-quality entertainment, and music to over 50,000 Indian American families. Hriday’s team has successfully brought prominent Bollywood stars, scientists, authors, and journalists to their shows in less than two months.

As the Director of DATA DEFTECH (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, Hriday is committed to securing personal data through futuristic encryption. He collaborates with AuNR Systems LLC to license their suite of strategic APEX technologies, which are only available to the most advanced militaries, respected banking systems, and largest enterprises that cannot afford to be compromised by cyber attacks.

Hriday is also an IIM Shillong Executive Alumni, having completed the “Advanced General Management” course. His dedication to creating awareness and making a positive impact in society continues to be an integral part of his professional journey. This is reflected in his selection for the prestigious 2023 fellowship offered by the “Journalism Centre on Global Trafficking.” The fellowship is designed to train Indian journalists on reporting human trafficking, and Hriday is honoured to be part of the program.

Hriday is a talented author and technical committee member at Digital Forensics (4n6) Journal, India’s 1st Forensics Science Journal. He has published several articles in the same domain and is currently writing a book on Digital Forensics. Hriday also lectures to law enforcement personnel, masters, and PhD students on Digital Forensics.

Hriday holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology and a Master of Science in Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism (HSAT). He was the topper of his batch, the first to offer this course in Asia. During his Masters, he interned and trained in Physical Security and Business Intelligence, leading to his first job as a Corporate Security Manager at Deutsche Bank. Hriday’s specialized Cyber Security course from Tel Aviv, Israel, has also earned him over 45+ licenses and certifications.

In his free time, Hriday enjoys playing snooker and horseback riding. He has also excelled in cricket, chess, snooker, volleyball at state and city levels, and various adventurous sports.