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Maintaining close relationships with our donors is a crucial part of EOI’s success. You can find information on our current projects & budget, access our quarterly newsletter & annual report, and support a specific EOI project on this page.

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If you would like to send a check please send it to our office at:

Eyes Open International
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The following donors have pledged to make monthly contributions:

Vijay & Rajani Harsh
Bhinda Waraich(Speed 1 Transport)
Vivek Mandan
Suresh Mandan
Indira Nambiar
Rakesh Shah
Dhananjay Patel
Purobi Roy
Munish & Jyoti Jhamb
Sangita Raval
Dr. Scott Silverstein
Dr. Jessica Donohue-Dioh
Vikram DeSouza(SRV Global Freight Pvt. Ltd.)
Phil Garber (Franklin Street Coin Company)
Lynn Zirkes

Our donor philosophy

We deeply appreciate your support and rely on a generous network of donors to keep ourselves running and able to help others. While donations of all size and frequency make a big difference, we aim to create life-long partnerships where our donors play an active role in our organization’s operations.

How EOI distributes funds

In the last year our funds were allocated as follows:

40% of our funds went to raising awareness;

28% of our funds went to providing aid to vulnerable populations;

25% went to directly support for survivors of human trafficking (food, legal fees, and medical bills);

Less than 7% were spent on operational expenses

Featured Projects:

Eyes Open International engaged the State of Ohio government in drafting legislation protecting survivors of Labor Trafficking. EOI is currently working in an advisory capacity to the Ohio Attorney General, as well as an assembly of State Senators to create an effective policy that would extend sex trafficking protections to victims of labor trafficking as well as introducing specific programs to help trafficking survivors find legal and economic security within their communities. 

Eyes Open International hosted an online speaking panel with US Ambassador John Richmond, P.M. Nair, Dr. Carrie Ford, and Dr. Kalyani Gopal. This presentation explored “the untold” elements of human trafficking and through anecdotes and decades of experience as well as discussion about policies that would help underserved populations. The event was a massive success with over 10,000 attendees and a recording is available on the EOI website and YouTube channel.

Eyes Open International supported single mothers who are survivors of sexual assault and trafficking in both the United States and India. Through financial stimulus, career programs, and other resources we were able to provide crucial aid to help these families to recover from years of abuse. 

If you are interested in either making a personal donation or completely/partially sponsoring one of these projects, please reach out to and one of our donor coordinators will connect with you directly.

Donor Resources

You can access a pdf of our quarterly newsletters and annual reports at the links below:

Quarter 1: Not available
Quarter 2: Available Here
Quarter 3: Available Here
Quarter 4: Available December 21st
Annual Report: Available January 30th, 2021

To access an older report or newsletter, please contact us at and we would be happy to provide a copy for you.